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Business/Urban Enterprise Zone

Business and commerce has always been a big part of Union City life. Knowing internationally as the home of the Americans embroidery industry, Union City continues to be a hub of the textile industry with dozen of garment and lace manufacturers located throughout the city. In fact, the lace made in Union City is used on garments sold around the world and is a fine example of European-style lacemaking. Of late, the textile industry is making new inroads and coming back strong in the north Hudson area.

Current zoning allows mixed used of virtually all area of the city, with residential buildings co-existing with commercial and light-industrial buildings. Union City had two commercial districts, although there are many small stores and businesses located throughout the city. The main commercial districts are Bergenline Avenue, from 49th to 32nd streets, and Summit Avenue, from 15th to 8th streets. Both of these avenues are lined with shops and bustling with activity seven days a week. These two shopping districts were granted Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) status by the State of New Jersey.

The Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) is a program if the New Jersey Department of Commerce and Economic Development. Participation in the programs allows merchants to charge a reduced sale tax (current N.J. sales tax is 6 percent) and to receive a variety of tax benefits.

In addition, the sales tax that is collected in the UEZis returned to the city by the state for use in making improvements in the zone. City officials used the first check from the state to construct a parking garage on Bergenline Avenue. New street lighting and a night-time clean-up program are alsoUEZbenefits. Future improvements could include more parking facilities for Summit Avenue, low-interest loans for business owners, and beautification grant. These decisions will be made with the best interests of the city's merchants, was recently established to oversee and make recommendations for the use of UEZ funds.

The Union City UEZis currently in the expansion process, allowing more business to participate in The Union City UEZ is currently in the expansion process, allowing more business to participate in the programs.

There is a no state sales tax on clothing in New Jersey.

New businesses are encouraged to move into Union City. The Mayor and commissioners and the Union City Community Development Agency will make ever effort to assist business owners who want to relocate to our city. Currently Union City is the home to franchises of several national chains including McDonald's Restaurant, Kids R US, International House of Pancakes , Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Super Cuts Haircutting, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, Payless Shoes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Walgreen's, CVS, and Rite Aid Pharmacy. Several local chain stores are also located in Union City including Fine Fare Supermarkets, Palermo Plumbing Supplies, and Drug Emporium.

There are several smaller, independently owned supermarkets in the city, many catering to ethic food needs, and major national chain supermarkets such as Pathmark, Shop-Rite and A&P are within walking distance of all sections of Union City.

Union City restaurants are many and varied. Whether you are in the mood for Cuban Italian, Ecuadorian, Turkish, Peruvian, or a variety of other ethnic foods, or just some good, old-fashioned diner fare, you can find something to appease your appetite and please your pocketbook here.

Most of New Jersey's major shopping malls and outlet centers are only a short drive or bus ride from Union City.

Our merchants and residents can do their banking at over half a dozen banks, including the Trust Company of New Jersey, the Bank of New York, United Jersey Bank, Hudson United Bank Banco Popular, Hamilton Savings Bank, Summit Bank, Provident Saving Banks, and Commercial Trust Company of New Jersey.

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