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Computer Administration Services Police Department

City of Union City Request for Proposals From Individuals or Firms
Interested in Serving as “Police Department Computer Systems Administrator for the Period of June 15, 2016 through June 14, 2018



Pursuant to the Fair and Open Process described under N.J.S.A. 19:44A-1, et seq., the City seeks Requests for Proposals (“RFP”) for the position of “Police Department Computer Systems Administrator” to the City of Union City for a contract period beginning on June 15, 2016 and ending June 14, 2018. The City will have an option to extend this contract under the same terms and conditions for an additional 2 year term.  All candidates are required to comply with N.J.S.A. 10-5-31 et seq and N.J.A.C. 17:27 as amended (Affirmative Action).  The successful candidate must have significant experience in police department computer systems services.  The successful candidate will have the knowledge and experience set forth below and  provide the City with services related, but not limited to:

1. Minimum (15) years law enforcement experience to include working knowledge of SCIC/NCIC, ATS/ACS, MCAS, MEMIX/SIMMS, Info-Cop and Q.E.D.
Records management. Also systems administration of the various software.

2. Must have T.A.C. experience with State Police and possess a valid Q.E.D. system’s administrator certificate.

3. Knowledge of various Operating Systems to include Windows, UNIX and Cisco. Knowledge of T-1 and frame-relay circuits as well as p.o.t.s.

4.The ability to setup and maintain networks utilizing both Windows and UNIX. Knowledge of CAT 5 wiring and Cisco routers and switches.  Working knowledge of Mobile Data Terminals and how they interconnect with the network.

5. Knowledge of Cisco PIX firewalls and the ability to create and manage VLANS as well as VPNs.

6. The ability to setup and maintain scheduled backups utilizing CA Brightstore and standard windows scheduling.

7. Knowledge of both NICE and Mirra IV voice recorders.

8. Knowledge of Vicon CATV DVR recorders to include the ability to burn CD/DVDs as requested by the Prosecutor’s office.

9. The ability to install and maintain TCP/IP network printers.

10. No criminal background that would interfere with obtaining the appropriate security clearances.

Professional Information and Qualifications
Copies of the standardized submission requirements and selection criteria are on file and available from the Office of the City Clerk.  Each interested candidate shall submit the following information:
1.    Name of firm or individual;
2.    Address of principal place of business and all other offices and corresponding telephone and fax numbers.  Please note specifically which consultants will be assigned to work with the City;
3.    Description of candidate’s education, experience, qualifications, number of years with the firm and a description of their experience with projects similar to those described above;
4.    Experience related to police department computer systems administration.
5.    At least four (4) references, three (3) of which must have knowledge of your service to public entities;
6.    The candidate’s ability to provide the services in a timely fashion (including staffing, familiarity and location of key staff);
7.    Cost details, including the hourly rates of each of the individuals who will perform the services and the time estimates for each individual, all expenses, and where appropriate, total cost of “not to exceed” amount; and
8.    Any other information which the interested firm deems relevant.
9.    Statement of corporate ownership (c.52:25-24.2);
10.    Statement, see attached, signed by an officer of the corporation, member, partner or sole proprietor, certifying that there are no prior or pending ethics complaints against them or their company.

Selection Criteria
The selection criteria used in awarding a contract or agreement for professional services as described herein shall include:
1.    Qualifications of the individuals who will perform the tasks and the degree of their respective participation;
2.    Experience and references;
3.    Ability to perform the task in a timely fashion, including staffing and familiarity with the subject matter; and
4.    Cost competitiveness.

Submission Requirements
Sealed RFPs will be publicly opened by the Union City Clerk in his offices at Union City Hall, 3715 Palisade Avenue, Union City, at 11:00 a.m. on May 25, 2016.  The RFP must be received no later than 11:00 a. m. on May 25, 2016 by:

Dominick Cantatore,Acting City Clerk
City of Union City
3715 Palisade Avenue, Second Floor
Union City, NJ   07087

Please submit one original and two (2) copies of the submission.  
Use white 8½” x 11” paper

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